He's one big fat bird getting into all kinds of crazy shenanigans and whatnot.


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I have two parakeets that are a couple years old, but since I'm headed off to college I feel bad leaving them for my family to take care of. Do you know of any places where I can give them away?

im going to be honest, this bothers the hell out of me and im sure you know why. i dont need to get into a lecture here. if you really, truly have to give them up, then i suggest a bird rescue center or try a bird specialty store. if that doesnt work try putting up flyers or onlline ads. whatever the case, be responsible enough to screen potential adopters. its the least you can do and i mean it.

any input from my followers would be appreciated. i havent given up a pet Or adopted in almost two decades so what do i know really

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Hiya, question here; my cockatiels (two females, both older than three) act so stupid whenever I spray them with water during the summer. They swell up like floof-puffs, bob their heads, spin around and spread their flappers and I was wondering if this behaviour is normal for them? They're seriously so adorable but I'd take them to the vet if they were sick in any way ^^;

Sounds like theyre enjoying the bath! look up videos of tiels bathing, they do get pretty silly


Today it was extreeeeemely hot so I decided to give them a shower.

They don’t like water at all, but at the end instead of trying to escape the spray they started to enjoy it, rubbing and spreading their wings.

Hoy hacia muchiiisimo calor y he decidido darles una ducha.

El agua no les gusta nada, pero al final en vez de intentar escaparse del pulverizador han empezado a disfrutarlo, restregándose y desplegando las alas.

This photoset is amazing


Cockatieling is hard work and messy business.

Cockatieling involves asking inanimate objects for scritches. It is hard work indeed.

Honpun finally played with the tassel brush toy! It was hanging in his cage untouched for two years.

I noticed he is much more receptive to different toys, foods, and exploration in the morning and when playing on the windowsill.


My wee Peanut taking a bath <3. She tries washing under her wings like this. Stretching them waaaay out.

Won’t go near a spray bottle so she has a tupperware bath XD